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Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

Self-Adjusting Recline:

  • Intelligent counter-balance recline mechanism automatically provides the right amount of support through the full range of recline motion, regardless of user size and weight
  • No tension springs to adjust
  • No recline lock to set / release 
  • During recline, the angle between torso and legs opens up for better body function
  • User maintains near constant eye level during recline

Dual Pivot Backrest:

  • Extra motion of the backrest during recline automatically adjust to the change needs of the spine
  • Provides up to 1" additional support when needed

Synchronized Armrests:

  • Revolutionary armrests move in tandem to eliminate the dangers of uneven arm positioning
  • Natural lift and release action for immediate repositionaling without buttons or locks
  • 6" range of vertical motion to accommodate all users and tasks
  • Can be positioned below thigh-level for close table or desk work
  • Attached to backrest so arms stay in same relation to body during recline
  • Tehnogel arm pad for superb comfort

Dynamic Headrest:

  • Position-sensitive headrest moves into place when you recline and out of hte way when you sit upright
  • 5" vertical adjustment to fit all users
  • Moves in the natural arc of the head/neck for perfect support through range of recline
  • Contoured to cradle the head and neck in comfort


Standard Cylinder:

  • Provides seat height range that accommodates 90% of the population

Contoured Cushions:

  • Carefully sculpted to match body contours
  • Increased contact area reduces pressure points
  • Modular for easy replacement

Body Fit:

  • Size adjustable to fit over 90% of the populaton
  • Adjustments for Fit-to-Size
  • Seat Height: 5 1/3" adjustment range
  • Seat Depth: 3" adjustment range
  • Backrest/lumbar support height- 3" adjustment range
  • 2 1/2 double-wheel casters for carpeted floor
  • Fabric: Corde 4, Fourtis Black  or Fourtis Granite
  • Color: Black Corde fabric w/ graphite frame
    C$2,010.00 Regular Price
    C$1,382.03Sale Price
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